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“She stopped talking about death . . .”

“I've seen great benefits from the art program. I had a peer that came every week. At first she always talked about her dying and about death. As she got involved in the program and met other people and became friends with them. She stopped talking about death so much and she seemed to want to live more. She still has her ups and downs. But she does not stay down for long periods of time.”

- Thea Rowley, CBRS, CM, CPSS


“. . .increase their social interaction. . . safe and comfortable environment . . .”

“The art program has been very beneficial to clients of Pearl that I have observed. It provides a creative environment where clients can participate in fun activities and increase their social interaction. The group seems to enjoy talking and helping each other on projects. It is a safe and comfortable environment for clients to learn positive coping skills.”

- Dave Packer, CBRS, CM- Dave Packer, CBRS, CM


“. . . you don’t know how it’s going to turn out but it can still turn out good. That’s a great life lesson.”

“My clients are looking forward to that as a social outlet every week. They are very disappointed if it’s canceled or they don’t have a way to get there. They also enjoy the creative outlet it gives them to use as a positive coping skill. For me as well as my clients I think it’s fun to learn a new discipline or a new technique and to see how the ceramics get fired how it changes how you don’t know how it’s going to turn out but it can still turn out good. That’s a great life lesson. It’s like an adventure don’t know how the journey will end but it’s a fun process and always a good surprise at the end even if it didn’t turn out the way you thought or how you planned for it to look.”

- Cheryl Kidd, CBRS, CM


“. . . it’s taught me patience. . . to relax and be myself . . .”

“The art class it is really beneficial for me because it’s taught me patience. It taught me just to relax and be myself and to learn new things.

- Client


“. . . helps when you have depression.”

“The art program gives me somewhere to be. It gets me out of the house once a week and allows me to spend time creating something. Which helps when you have depression.”

- Client


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Marci Stacey won first place in the Student Category at the Art Grows Rexburg Art Show and Competition.


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