ARTS Programs and Options


Weekly program or open studio format

Agencies and Programs we work with have an option to choose what kind of program you would like to participate in. One particular company chooses to meet in a group setting one time a week in an open studio format. This allows participants to come any time in between the open hours for the amount of time the participant is capable of attending.

You can choose to meet one time to several times in the week for a specified hourly amount. For help choosing the format and program best for your participants, contact us for scheduling and a free consultation.


Monday – Saturday
Mornings, Afternoon and Evenings


Idaho Falls Area Including Rigby and Rexburg


Monthly program or instructor led course

If meeting more often then weekly is not what fits your agency, we also offer the ability to meet one time a month or less. Every agency, company, in-patient or out-patient treatment center has unique client needs. We tailor fit what will work best for you and those you serve.

Our program also offers an instructor led course work for those who are better fit for a structured group setting. Group work can tailored to specific client needs from addiction recovery to mental health recovery. Contact us to find the format and program that best fits your clients’ needs.


individual services

Are you a parent or provider interested in receiving individual services? Contact us for a free consultation to find out how the ARTS Company can help your child, family or client find recovery with a unique and quality experience.